Estate Planning – Where to Start

What Is Estate Planning & Why Do I Care Series

What is Estate Planning

One of the challenges people face when trying to engage the legal industry is understanding the terminology.  Estate Planning is a legal practice area which encompasses the organization of how a person wants to:

  • Take care of loved ones,
  • Distribute assets, and
  • Appoint authority to a person or persons for health and financial decisions.

“You need a Will” is not the answer to “What is Estate Planning?”.

While it may be a part of your estate plan, your plan should include several other documents and answer several questions – 5, in fact, is where I start with clients.

Cut to the chase
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5 Essential Documents & 5 Essential Questions,
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Where do we start

Glad you asked!

My base planning tool is a great way to start.  The 5 Essential Documents (plus 1) and the 5 Essential Questions does not confuse the initial conversation with whether you need a Will, Trust, and other non-Probate Transfers.  Instead, it creates a base foundation of who you want to take care of and how you want your property handled to provide for you and your heirs.

You can request your own copy for free by completing the form above.  It is a great place to start!

In addition to providing you a place to start with regards to what will lead to your plan outline, the 5&5 Tool explains in easy to understand language, decision-making documents that I belief everyone needs to put in place, whether 18 or 108.  You might call the “essential documents”…I do. You may be surprised by the information you learn from the quick read.

Once you are ready, if you want to engage me in further conversation, you can set up a 30-minute, free consultation to talk through some of your thoughts, concerns, and then identify options to address your specific situation.

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