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Defense Depth Chart
DE:  92-Reviere; 57-Fakasiieki
DT:  9-Neal; 96-Ellis or 66-Criddle
DT:  44-Watts; 47-Marks*
DE:  98-Higgins; 94-McWilliams
LB:  21-Bailey; 30-Larry
LB:  46-Jones or 55-Barnes
LB:  55-Barnes; 36-Alexander*
CB:  14-Blackmon;  20-Major; 3-Hardy
FS:  27-Mosley; 29-Smiley or 32-Ball* or 23-Trice*
Nickel: 14-Blackmon; 20-Major or 30-Larry or 32 – Ball*
SS:  38-Thieneman; 29-Smiley
CB:  24-Cason; 1-Mackey

* true freshman