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Estate Plan or Stick in the Eye

Estate Planning should not lose this choice.Easier Reasonable Cost Estate Plan Elder Law in Indiana with Attorney RG Skadberg

Everyone knows they need
an estate plan.
However, most people do not
want to talk about it.
I understand.
Many of my clients thought
the same thing…
Before we met.
Take advantage of a free meeting to learn how we can work together to design you plan and have your own enjoyable experience.


Is there any wonder why there are so many attorney jokes?

So many people have personally had or heard awful stories about working with attorneys or what they charged or being more confused about their issue after talking to an attorney.

I encourage you to kick the tires with me – and I won’t even charge you for the initial conversation.  I find there are too many hurdles between a person’s legal issue and its solution.  I work to lower those hurdles, including reducing the cost fear by not starting the clock when you call or at our initial consultation.  If you decide to move forward, you’ll know what your chosen option costs.

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What Is Estate Planning & Why Do I Care

(219) 230-3600 Attorney RG Skadberg Free Consultation for your Estate Plan.
“You need a Will” is not the answer to “What is Estate Planning?”.
While it may be a part of your estate plan, your plan should include several other documents and answer several questions – 5, in fact, is where I start with clients.